AAPC in Jornal de Angola on 22 April with

Specialist asks for audit of reconstruction works.


The president of the Angolan Association of Designers
e Consultores (AAPC) proposed, on Monday, a technical audit of the infrastructures built or rehabilitated by the National Reconstruction Office, making the funding institutions jointly responsible for the poor quality of many works, some of which are unfinished.
Asked about the completion of the Luanda drainage plan, a work he considered “complex” and with high costs that the country is not in a position to bear, José Paulo Nóbrega recalled that, over the years of national reconstruction, which followed the end of the armed conflict in 2002, the money was not always well spent.
“We ran out of money to do these works, leaving them unfinished. Now it is necessary to find the adequate funds to be able to finish these interventions, in a country that has the difficulties we know to pay these debts, which were not always useful”, lamented José Paulo Nóbrega.
The specialist underlined that many companies “did not perform the best, and it is not just a problem for Angola, because these companies were indicated by institutions that financed the
debt and that money was not always well spent and some of the works were not finished”.
He therefore defended the need for a technical audit: “People would be surprised to see that Angolan politicians are not always responsible”, said the engineer, considering that there was “a lot of irresponsibility in the technical approach that was carried out”.
For the AAPC official, the institutions that financed the debt contracted by Angola for national reconstruction “are co-responsible for the lack of quality of many infrastructures”,
some of which were left unfinished.
At stake is the way in which some national roads, bridges and other infrastructure were built or recovered.
“Most of these works were carried out by companies that were indicated by those who financed, companies that have permits and technicians and, despite that, they carried out works that did not last any time and that are destroyed”, criticized the engineer, stressing that the country is to be rebuilt “for the second time”.
Recalling that “national reconstruction is a very important matter for a country”, José Paulo Nóbrega pointed out that Angola “does not have the financial capacity to rebuild itself, every three
or four in four years”, which is happening with some roads and bridges.
“This in financial terms for the country is extreme wear and tear and the responsibilities of poorly carried out works cannot always be pointed out” to Angolan decision-makers, reinforced the AAPC president, stressing that “people, in a light way, try to indicate socially reprehensible factors , but there are also technically objectionable factors”.


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