Cooperation Protocol between AAPC and APPC


AAPC (Angolan Association of Designers and Consultants, in the process of being constituted, represented by the President of its Installation Committee) and APPC (Portuguese Association of Designers and Consultants), are Business Associations that represent companies with activity in the sectors of Engineering consultancy, Architecture and Environment.

In the context of strengthening international cooperation, the two Associations understand that they must jointly develop actions that reinforce their effectiveness and represent the ideal of evolution and development of their members.

In this framework, the AAPC and APPC intend to develop their relations with the aim of valuing their members.

This Protocol is governed by the following rules:

  • Sharing of information on the legislative, normative and regulatory framework for the exercise of the activity of providing consultancy services in the fields of Engineering, Architecture and Environment
  • Sharing information on international best practices
  • Coordination of actions aimed at the development of consulting services markets
  • Information on the profile of consulting companies in each of the countries
  • Promotion of cooperative relationships between companies, directed to markets that result in an advantage through integrated action
  • The parties will take measures to strengthen the professional image of the sector’s agents


A Special Clause is also stipulated, which provides for the AAPC to join the Network of Associations of Engineering, Architecture and Environment Consultants, in the Portuguese-speaking space, which APPC started by promoting.


Made in Luanda, March 2018


By the AAPC Installing Committee                                   By the Board of APPC



Manuel Resende de Oliveira                                                      Victor Carneiro

President                                                                                        President