Inspection companies plan to proclaim professional association


Angolan companies in the area of ​​supervision of civil construction works and consultancy in engineering projects are preparing the proclamation of the Angolan Association of Designers and Consultants (AAPC), Jornal de Angola learned from a source accompanying the process and that the statutes had already been are at the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, where they await approval.


The Association intends to “unite and defend the interests of business and national service providers” in areas ranging from the preparation of architectural and engineering projects, as well as technical supervision and inspection of civil construction works, according to the source.

The future association plans to become a partner of public institutions, in order to establish mechanisms of cooperation and support for companies governed by public law, in light of the laws on “Fostering Angolan private business”, “Micro, small and medium-sized companies”,

“Public contracts” and “Regulations on the activity of civil construction and public works, projects and supervision”.

According to its promoters, the association also wants to assume itself as guarantor of the ethics of the work of professionals, at a time when the country has registered 240 inspection and consulting companies in the field of civil construction.

The association’s statutes also highlight the promotion of technical-scientific advancement and the quality of services offered by construction companies, “for the benefit of customers and the community in general, with respect for the necessary economic vitality”.

Official entities and companies can find in the Angolan Association of Designers and Consultants credible technical opinions related to the civil construction sector, something that can also be applied to associated companies.

“We are going to create technical information and study services, providing associated companies with the information they request, as well as technical support and consultancy in the manner and conditions to be defined by the management”, underlined the source consulted by Jornal de Angola, who says that the association is in conditions to “study and propose legal solutions to problems that concern the sector”.

Professional appreciation

The promotion and professional development of associates, managers and workers of associated companies, as well as the harmonization of interests are other challenges of the AAPC, whose main animators are the inspection companies Progest, Soapo, GB and Coba.

Linked to Progest, the renowned engineer Resende de Oliveira was particularly critical of the works carried out in the city of Luanda in an interview published on Monday in this newspaper.

He even went so far as to say that “with regard to architecture, Luanda has become a disaster. Where there were houses, buildings of 15 to 20 floors appeared; there is no space for parking, the roads themselves are not sufficient for the traffic that this develops and, therefore, all this resulted in a very difficult situation”, said Resende de Oliveira in an interview given to Jornal de Angola.

“Luanda is so deformed that in order to straighten it, there would have to be extremely traumatic operations.

and that would cause other types of problems, which I don’t know if it was feasible or not to think about it”.

Progest is a conglomerate of companies that operates in areas such as inspection, study and projects, road works, building maintenance and market studies and evaluations.

Last week, civil engineer Jorge Rufino raised another issue, in addition to the deformations pointed out by Resende de Oliveira, that of the quality of works built in the country after 2004, which he considers “bad” and says is due, in part, to the use of inappropriate building materials.

The engineer, who participated in the discussion of the theme “The construction materials industry and its relationship with the costs and quality of real estate”, at the conference on the future of social housing, promoted by the real estate company Imogestin and the newspaper “Expansão”, said that the amount of construction materials available on the market is vast, but that a higher quality supply is needed.

Leonel Kassana, March 15, 2018

in, Jornal de Angola