First General Assembly of the AAPC – CALL NOTICE

Pursuant to article 21 of the AAPC Statutes, as well as the respective Electoral Regulations, and as President of the Electoral Commission, I hereby convene the First General Assembly of the AAPC, for electoral purposes, to be held at LEA, in Luanda, from 9 am on the 22nd of October 2019, Tuesday, with the following as a single item on the Agenda:


Single point – Election of the AAPC Governing Bodies.


The Act will be carried out according to the following program:


Program Time
1 Accreditation (Electoral Commission) 9h00m – 9h30m
2 Opening of the session (Installing Committee) 9h30m
3 Presentation of the Election Commission and the Electoral Appeal Commission 9h45m
4 Election of the First Social Bodies (Electoral Commission) 10h00m-11h30m
5 Vote counting and announcement of results by the Electoral Commission (Electoral Commission) 11h30m-12h00m
6 Investiture of the Governing Bodies (Electoral Commission) 12h15m
7 Closing of the session (Chairmanship of the General Assembly elected). 12h30m



Luanda, September 11, 2019




António F. Venâncio


President of the Election Commission


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