AAPC’s objective is to defend the legitimate interests and rights of its Associates, in particular:

Unite Represent, Represent and Defend National Services Services Business Services
in the areas of elaboration of studies and technical projects and of inspection with inspection, civil construction works and related activities, may come to include economic activities or future projects also from other levels of economic knowledge of a similar nature, or similar interests, for which there is mutual interest in the Association;

A fund of cooperation institutions is constituted as an institutional partner of public institutions for political support and institutional compliance with the laws of Angolan Private Entrepreneurship; “Micro, Medium and Small Enterprises Law”; “Regulations on the Exercise of the Activity of Civil Construction and Public Works, Project and Supervision of Works” and the “Public Contracts Law”.

The techniques inherent to quality as guarantees and quality conditions to fulfill and meet professional conditions, as well as the conditions of compliance with professional practices and practices, and economic conditions for their observation and compliance with the discipline;

Foster technical advancement, quality and technical-scientific advancement, for the benefit of the country’s services, the development of the community in general, with the necessary respect for the vital economic services of the Angolan client activities;

Contribute to the development and defense of its members, within the framework of the evolution of the profession in Angola;

Defend the interests of its members and ensure their representation with any public or private, national or foreign entities;

To promote good understanding and solidarity among its members, as well as the harmonization of their respective interests;

Study and publicize all matters of interest to the sector of activity;

Give opinions to official entities on matters related to the sector that they request;

Study and propose the legal solution of problems concerning the sector of activity;

Create and maintain technical information and study services, providing associated companies with the information they request, as well as technical support and consultancy in the manner and conditions that the Board may define;

Promote the professional development of associates, managers and employees of associated companies.