Contribution of AAPC to MINSA to combat Covid-19

Given the public health emergency following the coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19 and the extraordinary exceptional measures that are being taken by the Executive to prevent the spread of the disease, the AAPC – Angolan Association of Designers and Consultants, joins this noble cause, being ready to provide the best collaboration in support of the Ministry of Health, with actions that can safeguard and dignify the measures taken to achieve the best possible success in this challenge that forced the state of emergency at national level.

In a simple gesture of support and recognition of the need to join forces, AAPC today delivered 225 Liters of alcohol gel (15 Boxes of SANI DAG-50 – Alcohol Gel (each box with 3 packs of 5 Liters) to the Ministry of Health.

The recently proclaimed AAPC intends to establish itself as a broad platform for the representation of companies in the engineering, architecture and environment consultancy sector. audience to exchange views on the country’s project and consultancy activity.