Consulting amateurs may lose the market, Lopo do Nascimento

Amateur technicians in the consulting, engineering, architecture, environmental, economics and management sectors will stop working in Angola if they are not qualified from a legal point of view, said yesterday, in Luanda, the president of the General Assembly of the Angolan Association of Designers and Consultants (AAPC).

Lopo do Nascimento in the act of inauguration in the AAPC
Photography: João Gomes | November Editions


Lopo do Nascimento, who was speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the AAPC declared that the association was not created to replace the individual work of companies, but to “put in the right place” the consultancy activity, dialogue with the Executive and find solutions for the country.
At this time, when Angola chooses to combine ideas in the establishment of common projects, stressed the president of the general assembly, amateurs must not be allowed to interfere with the country’s economic activity in general.

The president of the AAPC General Assembly noted that the situation the country is going through “is not good and it is not easy”, concluding that it is necessary to take economic activities seriously, in order to create jobs and wealth for the populations.
The policies that the Executive is trying to implement to diversify and increase agricultural production in order to reduce imports must have the support of the AAPC, he said. Lopo do Nascimento in proclaiming the aims of the association.

“Those who work and those who don’t, should be concerned about changing the current situation in which the country lives”, stressed the official, defending a fight against “improvisationalists” and active work that increases the supply of jobs, wealth and get the country out of the situation it is in.

Mazarino da Cunha, November 28, 2019

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