Lexicon of terms and expressions of environment, architecture, engineering, economics and business management, with application to the consulting and design sector, in 4 languages: Portuguese – English – French – Spanish
This document consists of a list of terms and expressions in Portuguese related to consulting and design activities in the areas of environment, architecture, engineering, economics and business management and the corresponding correspondence in English, French and Spanish. It is authored by APPC and aims to support the preparation of texts in the 3 foreign languages ​​mentioned and particularly to fill in and update the files of associated companies, available on the association’s website.
It was prepared based on several sources: publications, internet sites (particularly Linguee, Google Translator and Microsoft Translator), reports, technical books and official texts from entities and companies linked to the sector.
The document includes 4 chapters on the final pages that may also be of interest to companies in general:
• Some phrases and expressions frequently used in business correspondence, in the 4 languages
• Phrases commonly used in the description of the activities of the companies (idem)
• List of commonly used English acronyms, with the meanings in the 4 languages
• Definitions of terms and expressions in English without correspondence in Portuguese
Download the Lexicon:
CPV – Common Procurement Vocabulary
In 2002, the European Parliament and the Council of Europe approved Regulation (EC) No. 2195/2002, which established a single classification system applicable to public contracts, the CPV – Common Vocabulary for Public Procurement. The purpose of introducing this system was to assign the same description and the same alphanumeric code to goods and services in the official Community languages, thus making it possible to break down language barriers at Community level.

In November 2007, a revision of Regulation (EC) No. 2195/2002, published on 15 March 2008, was approved. This is Regulation (EC) No. 213/2008, which we make available here in 4 of the main European languages . Versions for other languages ​​can be obtained from the EUR-Lex website (see address below).

Download Commission Regulation (EC) No 213/2008 (375 pages), in 4 languages ​​(PT, EN, FR and ES)

   Commission Regulation (EC) No. 213/2008: Common Vocabulary for Public Procurement (CPV)– 1,24 MB

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