Companies whose main activity is Consulting and Design in the areas of Engineering, Architecture, Environment, Economics and Management, or in other related areas (eg landscape architecture, urban planning, topographical surveys) can join the Association.

It is necessary to complete the registration form and the billing survey and send them, together with a copy of the company’s articles of association, to the AAPC, by fax or by mail. Forms and other useful information are available in the “Admissions” menu on the website.

The quotas are fixed according to the company’s Turnover. In the “Admission” menu, the “Quotas Table” is available, which shows several levels of billing amounts and the respective amounts of the fees.

The Board is only present at the AAPC when it holds its regular meetings. Therefore, to contact the President or another member of the Board, we recommend sending an email (to the general address), fax or letter.

AAPC is located at:

Trv Liga Nacional Africana, Nº 3/5
Distrito Urbano das Ingombotas
Luanda, Angola

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